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Welcome to my forum this is designed by and unknown guy by 6 Resilience 4 hope u enjoy. I will create a MS or GunZ server asap if the files are ready.
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 GunZ K-Style Tutorial

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PostSubject: GunZ K-Style Tutorial   Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:00 pm

Wall Cancel - (Jump > Dash > Slash > Repeat) Only use this if u wan to climb to the wall.

Light Step - (Jump > Dash > Slash)

BF/Butterfly - (Jump > Dash > Slash > Block)

SS/SlashShot - Tips - A good skill when going infront of opponent (Jump > Dash > Slash(Hold) > Change to gun >( Gun will fire if keep hold )

Flash Step - Tips- Master Slashshot then use is its better (Slashshot > Change to sword before gun fires )

Continuous wall run - Run on wall > Jump > Dash onto other wall > Jump TWICE on wall

Half Step - Slashshot > Dash

ReloadShot - Tips - You can use this only on breaker to have effect - (Shoot (Hold) > Change guns > Reload > Gun will fire (IF Hold)

DBF/Double Butterfly - Jump > Slash(when in air) > Block > Dash > Slash > Block

For More Infomation , Go To https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsaCcO_0VT4 for more infomation about the K-Style tutorial

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GunZ K-Style Tutorial
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